Red Belly Hemp Honey

Red Belly Honey @ Chicago Marathon Expo


Red Belly Honey Snap Pack, with back label

Take your hemp honey on the run

These 6-gram snap packs contain pure CBD honey, infused by bees, not humans.

The convenient no-mess packaging makes it travel-friendly to help you keep up with pre- or post-workout routine. These packs can easily tuck into a pocket or gym bag.



Red Belly Honey 2-pack

The sweetness of raw hemp honey infused by bees

This hemp honey made by California honeybees is all-natural, nutrient-rich with CBD and antioxidants. These bees freely pollinate and gather food from plants and flowers but they also eat a patented blend of hemp nectar to produce this one-of-a-kind honey. Because the bees are in charge of all the mixing and infusing through their belly enzymes, the honey is naturally water-soluble and allows for optimal absorption. 8 oz (225 grams).

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