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15% of your Red Belly Honey purchase can go to The Butterfly Pavilion


We all have a role to play in protecting one of our most precious resources—the invertebrate population. Insects of all types, including honeybees, play a critical role in maintaining the viability of our food supply and the delicate balance of the entire food chain. We have partnered with The Butterfly Pavilion, an incredible organization that celebrates invertebrates of all types by educating people on their essential role in our ecosystem. They educate thousands of students annually, teaching them how insects are more than just pests to be avoided or frightened of, but how they are a tremendous resource to be celebrated and cherished.

Various invertebrates from the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, CO

Their facility in Westminster, CO is filled with exhibits celebrating invertebrates from all over the world, including honeybees, spiders, beetles—and even sea creatures like starfish, coral and shrimp. Some exhibits are hands-on, promoting healthy interactions that encourage empathy and understanding in a way that no video or online class could accomplish.

Butterfly Pavilion Gallery
By purchasing Red Belly Honey products, you too can help The Butterfly Pavilion continue the fight to save invertebrates.

15% of your Red Belly Honey or Rbel Bee Honey Gummies purchase

goes directly to The Butterfly Pavilion—helping them complete some important projects, including an exciting new facility in Westminster, CO.
Save the invertebrates with Red Belly Honey
Buy Red Belly Honey or Rbel Bee Honey Gummies now and give 15% to The Butterfly Pavilion
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