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Revive your snap packs

Even in the dead of winter, honeybees have an incredible ability to keep their hive warm—they huddle together in a cluster, vibrating their bodies to generate heat. This keeps their hive, queen and honey supply between the optimal temperature range of 90–100°F.


Pure honey maintains its viscosity in that temperature range, but it crystallizes and stiffens at lower temperatures. the crystalization process is natural, as its one of the signs of pure honey. Sometimes Red Belly Honey can stiffen during the crystallization process, especially during winter months. No worries—as crystalized honey becomes viscous again once brought up to the optimal temperature range.

How to revive your snap packs

If your Red Belly Honey snap packs become too hard to squeeze, hold your snap pack under the faucet, run hot water over the clear side of your snap (clear side pointed up), and massage it a little in between—should get the honey to flow again.

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