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Red Belly Honey – It’s All About You

Being healthy isn’t a one-shot deal. It’s a lifestyle, a way of thinking that puts you at the center of attention. Because when you feel your best, everyone benefits.

Joline Rivera founded Red Belly Honey based on such a premise; she knows first hand that taking charge of your health can be life-changing and empowering. But it’s not always easy when work, family and other responsibilities take precedence over wellness. Joline, her team and repeat customers believe Red Belly Honey can help you experience the benefits of making healthier choices.

Bees even understand the importance of health. Studies show that bees know instinctively what to eat for the strongest hives; they can forage nature for nectar but they prefer dining on the patented hemp CBD nectar to make our honey. Research also has revealed that hemp is helping bees ward off the negative effects of pesticides, allowing for a longer life span and a stronger bee population, which benefits the food cycle for all.

Red Belly Honey founder, Joline. Rivera

Who’s Behind Red Belly Hemp Honey?

Joline Rivera, CEO and founder

Making her health a priority has given Joline the endurance for a successful career in directing and designing award-winning magazines and even more so as the founder of two startups. In 2020, she rolled out  Red Belly Honey, the world’s only whole-plant hemp honey made by bees.

Bees eat hemp. Bees make hemp honey.

Now, if you really want to geek out about the bees, keep reading.

The bees pass the honey they’ve infused with CBD to other bees, a motion that helps concentrate the sugars before the mixture is deposited into hexagonal cells that they’ve meticulously built with their own beeswax. The buzz from the bees is the sound of their wings fanning the honey so it continues to thicken. How cool is that?

Once the bees complete their work, which includes capping the honey with a beeswax-like substance for storage, Red Belly Honey is harvested and jarred. Nature at its best—mixed by bees, not humans.

Kitchen Toke Hemp Honeybee
Red Belly Honey Jar

Original Red Belly Honey



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