We know there’s CBD in our honey, but we didn’t put it in there—the bees did.


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Raw hemp honey infused by bees, not humans.

Bees eat hemp

Bees eat “hemp nectar.”

Bees express hemp compounds into their honey

Bees express hemp compounds into their honey.

We jar the honey for you

We jar the honey, for you.

Rbel Bee Honey Gummies

Because honey is better than sugar.

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Sweet relief, on the go.

Balm made better by bees

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We believe hemp is food and food is medicine. We believe quality food should be accessible. We believe healthy food should taste good. We believe in the power of community. Join ours today.

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Joline Rivera, founder, Red Belly Honey

Why Red Belly Honey?

“I believe hemp is food, food is medicine. If the latest research shows that terpenes are helping bees fight off the poisons from pesticides, I like to think they are helping me too. Red Belly Honey is the epitome of everything I want in my food. It’s natural, tastes amazing, and it makes me healthier, gives me better sleep, and keeps me calm and happy. The bees infuse this honey in a way that humans simply can’t—it’s two functional foods brought together by the honeybees.”

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“I’m a CBD skeptic so I first fell in love with this honey for its culinary uses because it has peachy and floral flavor notes on the front end and pleasantly bitter buckwheat notes on the back end. Then over time while using it to sweeten pots of tisane and small cups of espresso, I realized that it was also beginning to mellow dull aches in my body and reduce some anxiety. This honey is the real deal both in and out of the kitchen.”

5 stars
—Hunter Lewis, Editor-In-Chief, Food & Wine

“Red Belly Honey is the most efficacious food product I have ever consumed.”

5 stars
—Max Goldberg, Founder, The Organic Insider

Second jar of honey just arrived! I was super skeptical a single teaspoon of this at night could help me sleep, but gave it a shot and now I am a believer.

5 stars
—Jerry Miller, Certified Customer

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