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Red Belly Honey 2-pack Snaps


Just like our Red Belly Honey by the jar, these 5 gram snap packs contain pure CBD honey, infused by bees, not humans.

The convenient no-mess packaging makes it travel-friendly to help you relax when you’re not in your own bed. And to keep up with pre- or post-workout routine, Red Belly Honey snap packs can easily tuck into a pocket or gym bag.



Use Red Belly Honey in to-go drinks

To-go meals and drinks

Duo-purpose convenience as a functional food and sweetener

Red Belly Honey is great for travel


Your no-mess travel companion that takes up little space

Red Belly Honey is great for fitness


Healthy energy for your pre- or post-workout routine

Use Red Belly Honey at Night to Relax


A good way to wind down the day, wherever you are

Each snap pack contains

5 grams of raw, natural CBD honey infused by bees.

Selected by Food & Wine as a 2020 Pick for it’s taste and efficacy.

“I’m a CBD skeptic so I first fell in love with this honey for its culinary uses because it has peachy and floral flavor notes on the front end and pleasantly bitter buckwheat notes on the back end. Then over time while using it to sweeten pots of tisane and small cups of espresso, I realized that it was also beginning to mellow dull aches in my body and reduce some anxiety. This honey is the real deal both in and out of the kitchen.” Hunter Lewis, Editor-In-Chief, Food & Wine

This hemp honey made by California honeybees is all-natural, nutrient-rich with CBD and antioxidants.
These bees freely pollinate and gather food from plants and flowers but they also eat a patented blend of hemp nectar to produce this one-of-a-kind honey. Because the bees are in charge of all the mixing and infusing through their belly enzymes, the honey is naturally water-soluble and allows for optimal absorption.

SHIPPING: Ships FedEx 2nd Business Day – Orders placed after 12-noon CST ship the next business day. Friday orders arrive Tuesday.

Download the COA lab results for Red Belly Honey here.

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