Bee You

Let a signature Red Belly Honey mug say it all with an assortment of health-boosting Harney & Sons Fine Teas.

Four varieties of world famous fine tea and an 11-ounce mug that speaks to you.

Bee You

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Everyone could use a You Be You gift box. When life beats you down, your Red Belly Honey mug is ready to take the edge off. Heat up some water and brew a cup of calm.

  • Signature Red Belly Honey Mug
  • Harney & Sons Raspberry Herbal brings on the holidays with its red hue and full-bodied flavors that unite rose hips, hibiscus, orange peel, raspberry leaves.
  • Harney & Sons Lemon Herbal is a light and soothing tea ideal for bedtime. Caffeine-free, the tea’s infusion of lemongrass, lemon rind and a lemony flavor makes it complex yet welcoming.
  • Harney & Sons Organic Citron Green gently eases the green tea newbie into its world with light lemony and orangey flavors.
  • Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha is green tea grown in central Shizuoka beloved for boosting immunity, fighting inflammation and helping with weight loss
Glyphosate Residue Free

Eat Your Greens, LLC

Glyphosate Residue Free



0.3% or less THC


Made in USA

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent disease. Do not feed to children under 12 months of age.


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Weight 8 oz
How often should I take Red Belly Honey?

Adding a daily regimen of Red Belly Honey is a good way to supplement a healthy diet.

How much honey do I need?

Start with a teaspoon (1 serving). Everyone is different, find out what works for you.

How should I take Red Belly Honey?

It's not about higher milligrams per serving, it's about the quality of the product. We believe nature-made food is better for you, and the bees infuse this honey with botanicals and adaptogens.

What makes the color of your honey so different from other types?

The distinct ruby-tinged hue comes from our patented hemp and nectar blend that we offer the bees as a supplement to their foraging. When the bees eat this proprietary combination, they’re essentially mixing it with their belly enzymes and passing on the color.

Can I add Red Belly Honey to drinks?

Yes. Because our honey is water-soluble, it dissolves and will not float on the surface of drinks or cling to the glass-like hemp oil. Stir our honey into water for a refreshing beverage and to sweeten a smoothie or cocktail.

Can I cook with Red Belly Honey?

Red Belly Honey retains its beneficial compounds and remains stable up to 302 F for up to an hour should you decide to heat it directly. Feel free to bake with the honey. It's also delicious brushed on grilled chicken and fish or drizzled over fried chicken and biscuits right out of the oven. To balance the acidity of lemon or vinegar in a dressing, whisk in a little honey.

Are bees harmed to make your honey?

No. If bees eat harmful substances, such as pesticides, they eventually perish. Like responsible beekeepers, we keep our bees healthy. For example, we set aside their high-protein pollen loaves to serve them during colder months when nature is not flowering. Additionally, our hives divide to create another colony, an activity known as “swarming” which is a sign of healthy production.

Do your bees get high off of the hemp and nectar blend you feed them?

No. Bees do not have a system that processes the compounds in hemp that cause a psychoactive effect like in humans, dogs and other mammals.

Are higher milligram products better and more effective?

It depends. Because Red Belly Hemp Honey is water-soluble and has high bioavailability, that higher milligram rule of thumb does not apply especially when compared to edibles made with hemp oil. The beneficial compounds of an edible hemp product are greatly diminished because of the way our digestive system processes fat/oil (low bioavailability). This does not happen to Red Belly Hemp Honey because the bees process the oil for us.

Can Red Belly Honey make me high?

No; it does not contain enough of the psychoactive compound to cause such a result, according to laboratory tests shown in our Certificate of Analysis (COA). The COA link is available in the product description.

Is a Certificate of Analysis (COA) important?

Yes. A COA is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the quantity of various compounds in a hemp product. It protects you as a consumer, ensuring you are purchasing the beneficial compounds in hemp.

Aren’t you exploiting bees by taking their honey?

No. Our hives are healthy which means they have a surplus of honey and beeswax—more than they need to maintain the colony. According to apiary experts, bees perform at a high level as long as the conditions are good. They can modify their work, such as choosing to eat our patented hemp and nectar blend, but they cannot decrease or increase output so there’s no pressure.

I bought two jars of honey and one has a few crystals while the other doesn’t. What gives?

The formation of crystals is a natural characteristic of raw honey. In fact, it’s actually a sign of quality, meaning the honey hasn’t been pasteurized, "stretched" or diluted with additives. The speed of crystalization depends on a variety of factors, such as temperature, the presence of pollen, and the types of plants the bees forage on for nectar. Chances are, the crystals in one jar might simply have a minuscule amount more of pollen or the bees foraged on more of one flower over another. Lower temperatures also speed crystallization so don't refrigerate.

  1. USE: Honey is a natural source of sugar. Natural sources of sugar are digested slower and help you feel full for longer. It also helps keep your metabolism stable.
  2. USE: May assist with relaxation

INGREDIENTS: Raw hemp honey. Through a patented method, bees are offered a proprietary combination of nectar and hemp, which allows them to make the world’s only naturally infused hemp honey. Powered by BeeFuse™ Technology by Phytopharma international.

Download the COA lab results for Red Belly Honey here..

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